New Pictures some pretty ones

I have been out taking Pictures with my beloved brother in the last months.
He has taken a interessting Images:

bob hund by Michael Westerlund

Blumen Sizilien  by katra50

Hunde Himmel1121 by Hunde Himmel

Blumen Sizilien  by katra50


I made a new picture

Yesterday i have been at the central park to take some fotos- here is what i found:

Beach Grass Texture por â–ºCubaGallery

Magnificent – isnt it?

Im starting a great Weblog

Greetz. Im from Miami and after a long time telling you about my life too. 3 years later than everybody else – but hey, you have to start sometime! Ill hit up Digg in 2012 🙂 I love trading cards, enjoying eating sushi and taking pics with my Casio 40. I will share some of my pics too – please take a second and write a comment if you like it.

The ugliest car i have ever seen. by LuxuriousDeidesheim

Hope you enjoy reading my daily experiences. more to come